ENG Lending History

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas ENG Lending is the mortgage division of Bank of England a locally owned community bank located in England, Arkansas. We take pride in having served community needs since 1898 - over a century of stability.

  1. Office locations from the East coast to the West Coast
  2. ENG is partners with every major investor on Wall Street
  3. Approved by the Better Business Bureau and
  4. ENG is the only mortgage company among its competitors that is owned by a FDIC insured bank.

Mission & Principles

Our company was built with hard work by dedicated employees. We believe employees at our company are both trustworthy and should be trusted. They are valued as worthy contributors and fundamental to our success. We believe in operating with the highest standards of integrity, being open and honest with ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities.

We must continually remind ourselves that the most important thing we can do for employees is to build a healthy, vibrant company that treats people with respect and creates opportunity. Everyone counts, and we have to remember that we all support one another. It means doing what is right for the company, the customer and employee, even if we have to make unpopular decisions and forgo near-term rewards. Our commitment is to create a self-sustaining culture that strives for continual improvement, which will ensure the health of this company for decades to come.